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27 January 2011
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VTE Voice to Ear Technology

27 January 2011, Comments 0

A security review undertaken by Rubber Dragon sees VTE (voice to ear) technology as the most secure information exchange mechanism currently available. In light […]

5 August 2010
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Excellent Defence of WikiLeaks Afghan War Logs

5 August 2010, Comments 0

Julian Assange responds to increasing US government attacks on WikiLeaks in this interview on Democracy Now!

25 April 2010
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Beautiful Sunny Day Cycling in the Park

25 April 2010, Comments 0

a beautiful sunny day, we are out on our bikes to a country park …

30 October 2009
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It’s Not Money that Makes Us Happy

30 October 2009, Comments 1

A while ago a good friend of mine gave me a book, The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton, in it there was […]

15 November 2006
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the First Post

15 November 2006, Comments 0

I’ve heard so many good things about blogs, finally it’s time to give it go. Location is Swindon, England, it’s a rainy miserable November […]