20 October 2014
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20 October 2014, Comments 0

At the time of writing there are 231 WordPress sitemap plugins listed at WordPress.org, so this handy review should help you choose the best ones for your website.

There are two types of site maps:

  • XML sitemaps to tell search engines about the pages on the website, and
  • HTML sitemaps on the frontend created users for navigation purposes.


XML WordPress Sitemap Plugins for Search Optimisation

An XML sitemap tells search engines about the website pages, their relative importance, and how often they are updated.

WordPress SEO by Yoast, our favourite seo plugin creates an XML sitemap, the settings allow you to exclude particular post types and taxonomies.


Front End HTML SiteMaps for Users

Advanced Sitemap Generator, from Deepak Tripathi. Displays pages and posts. Didn’t display all posts by default and there was inconsistency with capitalisation.

SiteTree works quite well, there is a lot of control over how and what is shown, we’ve used it for our main sitemap here. SiteTree also creates an XML sitemap for search engines to spider.

Finally flowchart like site map shown below is Slick Sitemap, it looks great and the structure comes from a user defined WordPress menu, so you can show only the pages you want to show.



Developer Notes

More about sitemaps from Wikipedia.

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