18 December 2011
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18 December 2011, Comments 0

With YouTube the second most popular search engine after Google, using a video marketing strategy to push your message should be part of your general marketing plan. It’s not that difficult to do, here are the steps we follow.

Video Marketing Strategy Steps

Take a step by step approach to video marketing strategy and you’ll get results.

  • Research your market, see what the competition & the pros are doing
  • Decide on your target market and think about generating interest
  • Sketch out some ideas with story boards, get feedback and review
  • Shoot or commission some video
  • Setup a YouTube account or alternative and upload
  • Decide on keywords and include them in the description
  • Share to your contacts and on social media, get feedback and review

Videos which have the right keywords, some back links, social media shares, comments and likes, rise to the top of the results. Once you’re video starts appearing at the top of the search results for popular keywords, that’s when you can generate a lot of traffic. Use your market niche keywords to attract your target market.

Can we help with your video marketing strategy?

Yes Please

Video Marketing with Rubber Dragon

We commissioned this video in 2011 to promote our local Swindon Directory at www.OpenSwindon.co.uk, and it already appears top of YouTube for search terms like – swindon websites. Still in first position confired December 2014, that’s three years since this post was first published.

Video is an easy way to promote your business and it’s great for getting a message across.

Content and Scripts for Video Marketing

One of the keys to a good video is getting the script right, something which will generate interest and encourage people to share on social media. Getting professionals in to help may be the best way forward, and we can help with ideas for advertising and branding, digital and direct.


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