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13 December 2011
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13 December 2011, Comments 0

We often get asked by friends or customer which free photo editing software we’d recommend. So to find out, we downloaded a bunch of different editors, installed and tested them. The results are futher down.

Creating Graphics for Your Website

  • don’t bother with expensive high end packages unless you really want to get serious
  • free, reliable and easy to use software is available from places like
  • it’s worth putting in a few hours to learn some basic tasks
  • add photo processing into your schedule, do it once a week for 30 minutes
  • adding photos and images to your website regularly is easy and helps to keep it updated
  • remember to use alt tags when adding images to your website
  • using a content management system to upload images makes things easy, we can help with that if you don’t have one

Aims of the Review

Our aim was to review and score the graphics software based on:

  • ease of use
  • intuitive interface
  • the number of clicks required to perform the task
  • quality of results

Need help editing photos and graphics?

Yes Please!


Top Free Photo Editing Software

Zoner Photo Studio

Zoner opens to display a media manager, from which you can easily switch to the editor. Crop tool works nice, with the area outside the crop lines darkened out. Plenty of resize opitions with sharpening. Auto quick fix button to improve contrast and colour balance also works well.


Easy installation and really easy to use. Simple, attractive and clear tools along the top include zoom, select, effects, colour palette, painting and drawing.

Scrolling capture option that lets users capture Web pages and other scrolling documents all in one image.


A tiny 16mb download, PhotoScape provides all the features you need to edit digital photos and it’s really easy to use.

The photo editing interface has a retractable file tree and viewer, easy to find and select the photo you want to edit. Once selected, editing tools are along the bottom, clearly marked and easy to use.

Fly Free Photo Editing and Viewer

Easy to use with a full list of commonly used tools on the left hand side including crop, resize, brightness and contrast, but no auto adjust. Clunky interface.

The Gimp

The Gimp, strange name but this free open source graphics has high end features with interface similar in style to Adobe Photoshop.

Other Graphics Software we Tested

Also tested but didnt’ make the top five were Paint.Net,  virtualStudio, Photo Perfect Express, Photobie, Pixia and Image Tuner.

Graphics Task Tests Conducted

1. Open large jpg image from the desktop. 2. Crop and resize to a width of 400 pixels. 3. Adjust image quality (sharpness, contrast, colour balance etc.) 4. Save As or Export.


Our Favourite Free Photo Editing Software

zoner graphics softwareZoner Photo Studio gets our award for top free graphics editing software!

We loved the easy good looking interface, the stable build and because it focuses on the most useful and common photo editing tasks. Visit their website here.


Where to Get Free Software

We can recommend as a good source for free software.

Where to Get Photo Editing Services

We can help!


Article Updates – Other Software and Issues

Paint-NET, also has high rankings and recommended by a friend.

Be Funky online photo editor, lot of great features. 2018




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