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Top tips for growing your Flickr Score on EA.

I love to take photographs so setting up a Flickr account after joining Empire Avenue seemed like a good way to go. Empire Avenue is a social networking game where credits are earned from activity at social media websites like Flickr.

Flickr is a free online photo gallery and photo sharing community with over 6 billion images and over a million members, the features are cool and it’s easy to use, but getting a high Flickr score isn’t that easy on Empire Avenue, and when my score failed to move I decided to investigate why and have a look at what some other users are doing.

It can take a few weeks to get the Flickr score moving, but once you have a network of contacts, good quality popular images and link backs from other sources you should be able to grow your score quite easily.

Of my 50 shareholders surveyed only 32 had Flickr accounts connected, so 64%. About half of those had scores of 2 or less, so a lot of people are missing out on a high Flickr score.


What Determines Flickr Score?

Flickr Score on Empire Avenue is determined by a mix of number of photos uploaded, views, comments, favourites and contacts.

The score for (e)RUBBERDRAGON moved when we had the following Flickr values:

Flickr score = 2 when we had 194 uploads, 242 views, 17 favourites, 15 comments and 208 contacts and 48 people who call us a contact.

Flickr score = 3 when we had 202 uploads, 358 views, 54 favourites, 35 comments and 321 contacts and 87 people who call us a contact.

Flickr score = 4 when we had 202 uploads, 408 views, 61 favourites, 43 comments, 342 contacts and 103 people who call us a contact. It’s worth noting that the score jumped from 3 to 4 in just 11 days and during that period we added no new photos and spent almost no time at all networking on Flickr. Have gone for a Pro upgrade.

Flikcr score = 5 when on Flickr Pro and with 218 uploads, 462 views, 50 comments, 64 favourites.


Empire Avenue Flickr Score from Leonard the EA Advisor

Screen shot from September 2011.

flickr score on empire avenue

How to Grow Your Flickr Score

The key is to get lot’s of views, comments and favourites, so upload your best work, not just a picture of your backgarden. Choose photos which are interesting, catch the eye and look good at thumbnail size.

Go through this list of daily tasks which should take no longer than 20 minutes.

1. Upload 4 images each day, include titles, descriptions and tags.

2. Connect with other people, either from EA or from your field.

3. Add some photos to groups, in particular the EA group.

4. Favourite, comment and tag other peoples photos.

5. Create a link back to your Flickr url from other locations.

Flickr isn’t a popular channel on Empire Avenue, just over half the accounts we surveyed had Flickr connected, but it can be a great way to earn credits if you have good quality image content to share, it’s free, account setup is easy and you can start adding photos in minutes.


Flickr Account Suspended?

It should go without saying, but only upload your own photographs to Flickr, your account could be suspended if you upload other peoples photographs.


Flickr Pro Account

According to Leonard, the EA Flickr Advisor, data obtained from Flickr is different and more accurate if you have a Flickr Pro account. We haven’t upgraded yet, but will update you when we have.


Checking Your Flickr Values

Easiest to use EA stats, go to Advisors and employ Leonard, he gives you a break down of photos added, total views, comments and faves.

On Flickr, go to your Photostream, click on Popular in the main navigation, you’ll see some tabs appear, Views and Favourites, looking through those should give you a rough idea of numbers.

Contacts information can be found in Contacts – click on Contact List or Who calls you a Contact?


Where to Promote Your Flickr Photostream

There is a Flickr group for EA members at add one photo, comment on 2 and tag 3

xBar Members on Facebook, add your Flickr link to the list in documents.


Case Studies – Actual Flickr Scores

(e)MICHAELQTODD has a Flickr score of 17, posting just 30 photos but had 531 contacts. Clearly there is no need to upload a lot of photos to get a good Flickr score, Michael has a lot of comments next to his photos, and presumeably a lot of views.

(e)THEWORLD365 beautiful photographs but low score of one. Only 107 photos posted and just 100 contacts.

(e)RGAGE just 33 uploads, but already had score higher than one, contacts here seem important – has 404.

(e)UIX over 3790 uploads and 16032 views, but only a score of 3, lacking Favourites, Comments and Contacts.

(e)MABER no favourites and only 2 comments, but already had a Flickr score of 3! In this case it looks like the 349 uploads that are adding to the score.

(e)JSTSWEETANGL already on a score of 3 with just 20 uploads and only 14 favourites!

(e)MISSM Flickr score 36, 83 uploads but with almost 5000 views and over 200 favourites and lots of comments.

Please get in touch if you’d like to have your Flickr score featured here! (e)RUBBERDRAGON.



Thomas Hawk has tips on what gets attention on Flickr.

Improve Photography have some great tips for getting on the Flickr Explore page,

Thanks also to anyone missed out of here!

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