6 August 2010, Comments 0

Well, perhaps they have no time to think about a website if they are growing fast, either way they are missing out on potential business and the benefits a website can bring by streamlining business processes and generating new sales.

The research by BT Business analysed the websites of the Real Business Hot 100 and found that almost half of businesses are losing potential customers through missing webpages 404 errors.

Overall less than 4% of the firms had optimised their website for search – seo, and over 40% had poor use of meta tags (title, description, keywords), if so few high growth firms have optimised their website, this might give you some idea of the opportunity available. Use optimisation to get top listings and trump competitors. A relatively small monthly investment in optimisation and social networking can pay very good returns and increase web traffic significantly.

Rubber Dragon offer a selection of search optimisation packages for businesses including keyword and traffic analysis, copywriting for search, domain setup, meta tag amends, social networking, online promotion and link building. We can pretty much guarantee to increase traffic to your website based on previous experience and track record.

The research was carried out for BT Business by Latitude and covered the websites of the Real Business Hot 100, a list of the UK’s fastest growing private companies from realbusiness.co.uk.

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