24 April 2010, Comments 0

After a good few years and a number of reincarnations, our online tshirt shop has finally been put live at www.wickedtshirts.co.uk offering original unusual tshirt designs, genuine fair trade tshirts. At launch we have just 27 designs available in three categories of tshirt, tattoo tshirts, fruit tshirts and asymetric tshirts (whatever that means).tattoo tshirts
The response has been muted, of course some of the designs are liked when we have asked people, but without any whauuu, we’ve had no response from web users and still waiting for our first sale, but traffic has risen from next to nothing to an estimated 200+ visitors this month. I’m still not sure on the design, would like to make some changes (actual tshirt icons along the bottom), navigation isn’t obviously intuitive and we should do some photo shoots showing the tshirts in action.
We aren’t running Wicked Tshirts as a business yet, it’s more an experiment to illustrate how we can build interesting, functional and effective websites. Wicked Tshirts uses our photo gallery solution and plugs into online payment so it’s easy to use for displaying products and selling them.
Apart from the website interface, we need to get some better tshirts done, I’m thinking some mismatch colour patches with elements of gold and silver, calling it colour kitsch, something completely unusual and different, but it’s massive market out there, hundreds of established online tshirt shops already in the game.

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