Social Media Marketing

Why Bother? Social media marketing can …

  • establish and raise the profile of your business
  • enable existing contacts to share your information
  • allow you to find potential prospects and opportunities
  • help plan future activities through monitoring visitor activity and interactions
  • improve search engines positioning and website traffic

Which Channels Should We Use?

This depends on your business, products and services. We have worked for customers on the following channels:
Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and blogging platforms.

Social Media Marketing Activities

  • creating content for publication, writing copy, enriching text content with visuals and video
  • publishing, posting created content, scheduling postings
  • monitoring & engagement, social media listening, engagement with contacts via comments, Likes, Follows etc.
  • analytics, reporting and planning, monitoring engagement, recording and comparing results, recommendations for future activities

Social Media Training

As well as offering social media marketing and campaigns, we offer training and consultancy to help you manage your social media marketing in house. Visit our main website for more about our Swindon social media marketing training service.

More Details Coming Soon

Sample Social Media Posts

How Social Media Content can go Viral

Case Study of Social Media Campaign