Business Directory Website

Project Description is our own brand local business directory website.

It has short profiles and links to websites from across Swindon and the region, and the following features,

  • search facility
  • latest local news via RSS feeds
  • video placements
  • advertising slots for local businesses
  • multiple categories
  • website submission form
  • administration area for managing links
  • email list management & communication
  • related social media channels

The business directory website system is built on the Ruby on Rails web development framework, but we can also offer similar solutions on WordPress.

Lead Generation with a Business Directory Website

Providing internet users with a business directory in a particular niche, vertical market or geographical region is an excellent way to access your target market. Once established, a directory is an ideal platform for communicating with the niche, for offering free benefits or special offers as well as your particular products or services.

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