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27 April 2010
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Are Wood Burning Stoves Environmentally Friendly?

27 April 2010, Comments 0

Wood burning stoves burn trees, nevertheless if a good sustainable source of wood fuel is available, this form of home heating can significantly reduce your carbon emissions and your heating bill.

25 April 2010
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Beautiful Sunny Day Cycling in the Park

25 April 2010, Comments 0

a beautiful sunny day, we are out on our bikes to a country park …

24 April 2010
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Online Tshirt Shop WickedTshirts.co.uk is Live

24 April 2010, Comments 0

After a good few years and a number of reincarnations, our online tshirt shop has finally been put live…

30 October 2009
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It’s Not Money that Makes Us Happy

30 October 2009, Comments 1

A while ago a good friend of mine gave me a book, The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton, in it there was […]

18 October 2009
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Rubber Dragon goes Twitter

18 October 2009, Comments 0

Our Twitter account finally comes alive. Testing it out to see how it works as an online promotion tool. http://twitter.com/rubberdragon

18 October 2009
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Thinking in Education

18 October 2009, Comments 0

One would think that thinking in education is something that goes without saying, but of course there are different approaches to thinking and learning […]

31 May 2009
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Golf and Hotel Accommodation

31 May 2009, Comments 0

As well as building websites for clients, we also have a series of our own brand websites. Late 2008 we bought a number of […]

22 October 2008
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Photo Gallery Online Promotion Performance Report

22 October 2008, Comments 0

One month after the launch of our Photo Gallery solution, we have some positive results, one gallery sold, over 700 visitors in the first […]

17 October 2008
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Giant Squids!

17 October 2008, Comments 0

There are lots of websites around where you can publish your own material, Squidoo.com is one which seems particularly cool and ideal for anyone […]

4 September 2008
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A Photo Gallery for Photographers

4 September 2008, Comments 0

Just launched, an easy website solution for photographers, graphic designers and indeed anyone needing a website. Photo Gallery Website is a great way to […]

15 November 2006
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the First Post

15 November 2006, Comments 0

I’ve heard so many good things about blogs, finally it’s time to give it go. Location is Swindon, England, it’s a rainy miserable November […]