30 May 2017
Comments Comments Off on Speed Testing 8 WordPress Themes
30 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on Speed Testing 8 WordPress Themes

One of the key issues when selecting a WordPress Theme is speed, so before making a final decision, we often run a comparison test to gauge Theme performance.

How to Speed Test WordPress Themes

It’s no good testing the Theme previews, they all have different content and run on different servers.

Install all the Themes onto one Wp install and activate them one by one. Speed tests can be run at GT Metrix.

Comparison of 8 free Wp Themes for Speed at GTMetrix

We had a shortlist of 8 Themes to choose from, as well as speed, we also wanted to check Theme options, layout and documentation (which can give you an idea of Theme quality).

The 8 Free WordPress Themes we Speed Tested

Numbers shown are Page Speed Score – Fully Loaded Time – Total Page Size (note that page content text & images stays the same, what’s changing is the code generated by the given Theme).

Tortuga – 79% – 2.1s – 303kb
good Theme options and documentation, nice default layout.

Brilliant – 78% – 2.4s – 1050kb
good Theme options and documentation.

Simple Perle – 76% – 4s – 614kb
limited Theme options.

Zopit – 71% – 2.8s – 631kb
limited Theme options.

LSX – 73% – 3.8s – 562kb
promoted as a fast Theme, so I’d used it before a while back, but the newer Themes are obviously working even faster!

Extant – 75% – 2.3s – 427kb
limited Theme options, only showing one image from posts and no sidebar, so could expect score to be slower if these were included.

Verbosa – 41% – 4.9s – 1880kb
Customise offers a lot of options for changing layout.

Zoom Lite – 36% – 3.5s – 2030kb
default layout a bit funny.


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